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What’s that sound?

By Sandra Lee Schubert | May 7, 2011

Today was the first day that felt truly like spring. The air warm, birds chirping, the sound of kids playing. I passed a front yard garden that produces mushrooms under a bed of low growing purple flowers.  In the corner of another I spotted an amethyst crystal in the soil. Was it there for protection? To encourage growth? Surely once the garden fully bloomed it would be lost in the foliage. I admit I wanted to lean over and take it. It was so pretty. Sometimes fences do keep away intruders and I would have been that if my hand had reached in.

I was sorry I did not bring my camera. The sky was awesomely wonderful. There were storms clouds to the east; big, purple and blue with streaks of yellow. As I walked to the library, in the bright sun, there was a light rain falling. I had hoped to catch a rainbow, instead, it was just a warm breeze and the old men snoozing like contented cats in the afternoon sun. I only meant to run a couple of errands and turn home but it was the most perfect weather and I decided to head to the park down the block.

The park, like many in the NYC area, is just black top concrete, with a sprinkler and some climbing gear for kids. This park is just a half a block long and wide with a 12 foot chain-link fence surrounding it.  There are some lovely trees providing some green and shade. Green wooden benches line the perimeter and that is where I like to sit. From this point I can watch the activity on the street and in the park. Hardball is played in the back in section that is separated from the rest of the park. Volleyball is against the farthest wall and to the right is the soccer game.

I have never understood how they play this version of soccer. It seems like the men just rotate in the teams and then someone blows a whistle and they all leave and then another group gets up. The men are all sorts and sizes of burly. Tall men, fat men, men who have very short legs, all slide along the black top as if it were nothing. Towards the front near the fence and street the little kids play their tiny version of soccer. Sometimes their balls mingle with the adults, who never seem to mind the interruption. Last year a little girl took a header on the black top and a gaggle of burly guys left their game to tend to her tears and her wounds. Once comforted and bandaged, they returned to their game, shaking it all off.

I had a sudden longing to play hard like everyone else; to run, and jump and get dirty with sweat. I had a sudden desire for any kind of activity. I miss feeling my body being used in a grand way.

I love this weather before the humidity and heat overtakes everything and makes me sluggish and lethargic. The one that thing that struck me the

most was the sound of the leaves blowing in the breeze. After such a long, cold winter and this late start to spring the trees

have finally blossomed.  The sound of the newly minted leaves was a surprise. I had a moment of wondering what the sound was… imagine being surprised by spring!  What’s that sound?

Ah, it is a promise I swear. There is always the possibility of new growth after a long winter. It give me hope to believe that. I can still be surprised by the  sound of life.

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