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What Good are Intentions?

By Sandra Lee Schubert | April 14, 2009

What have you been doing?

What have you been doing?

This is the full disclosure of my complete and utter failure and as a web maven. Or, my failure at keeping a calendar. I don’t know. It has all gone completely wrong. My skill as a leader is reduced to “do as I say, not as I do”.  Sigh. OK, I am almost done with beating my back with the silken whip of things I could do better.

I was on an IM chat with the head guy at a major articles site. I really like his site and I let him know. So far so good. But then he comes back w. an IM that has my account. “This is you”, he asks? Yes, I brightly reply. This is getting good. Then he says, “You have not posted an article in four months. Why?” Gulp. Oh no, This is going downhill fast. I went through twelve years of Catholic school and when a nun confronted you with a direct question- you withered.  What can you say?

I had to admit to this big articles site guy that I was just lazy and inconsistent. Really what other excuse can you give when the evidence is right in front of you? I mean I haven’t been writing a book, or been painting up a storm. I have a new radio show but that does not take up all my time. Consistency is the key to it all. Set up a calendar, create a system, get a buddy to keep you on track. Yet, knowing this, I have still not done it.

I can’t give you good advice right now. I have to huddle with myself. What ever you do- don’t do what I have done.

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  • Good article. You are now aware and you can take action to do the things you know to do, right?

    I struggled with this a couple of weeks ago after reading an ancient proverb: “How you do anything is how you do everything”. I feel that this is applicable to anyone who wants to lead a fulfilling, enthusiastic and exciting life. I definitely want to be the one to lead such a life!