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Web writing

By Sandra Lee Schubert | December 22, 2008

There are all kinds of blog writing; Personal blogs, business blogs, niche blogs. You can use blogs to give information, vent, create drama, or support a cause.

In her blog, Writing on the Web, Patsi Krakoff talks a bit about Blog Writing Goals … a few questions before the end of the year

“Writing great blog posts that attract prospects and gain subscribers and eventually convert those readers to clients is one of the most challenging writing tasks. The difference between good and great is enormous”

Your first decision is deciding your topic and stick to it. If you want to support a cause then blog about it. But maybe you want to support a lot of causes then create a blog highlighting causes.

If you want to randomly rant the make sure your audience knows that is what you will be doing. You can always support other bloggers by adding them to your blogroll.

Remember you can’t do everything in one blog. Do your best and be consistent.

Write on…

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  • Sage advice, that one can’t do everything. I have so many topics that I want to write about, though they all relate to building a better planet.

    It feels like it’s coming together, yet I know that a year down the road it will be something that I don’t envision at the moment, which is an exciting prospect.