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Take a Creative Break

By Sandra Lee Schubert | November 13, 2008

There is a helpful suggestion when sitting at your desk for a long time to get up and stretch. The muscles come to life. Your blood begins to pulse a little faster, the brain cells fire up.You may not even have released how stiff you had become until you make that first move.

Your creative life may be a little stilted at the moment. Maybe you have been intently working on a project, head in a book or at the canvas. You have been in the zone and the world has dissolved around you. Conversely you have been struggling to get some projects off the ground. No matter what you do the book is not coming together. Your planned project launch seems stilted.

Take a creative break. Take a day, a long lunch break go out and stretch some creative muscles. Take youe camera and look for some interesting textures, colors or how the light shapes the look of building.Use your journal for creative eavesdropping, catch bits of interesting conversation that you can use for a story, article or a poem.

Use the time to refill the creative fount. After a time of renewal you can go back to your project with new eyes and new energy.

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