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Shakespeare, the Creative Entrepreneur

By Sandra Lee Schubert | March 2, 2009

Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine

Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine

In his blog The Shakespearean Guide to Entrepreneurship Mark McGuinnes outlines how William Shakespeare went from a hack for hire to a creative entrepreneur. It is a simple lesson all artists can emulate, providing a good framework for any person in a creative field.

The lovely image of writer sitting by a window looking over a lovely landscape waiting for inspiration to fly in on butterfly wings is certainly romantic but not entirely true. Some artists have the advantage of a beautiful scenery while others must find their creative juice on a subway.

Become creative about your business, as well as, your art. Take time to learn from the masters, like Shakespeare, who diversified, took chances and made a life that let him concentrate on his craft.

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  • Thanks Sandra, and great advice: “Become creative about your business, as well as, your art.”

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  • Forty years ago, as an aspiring author, I began counting Shakespeare among my influences. Fifteen years ago, teaching English in China, I used a film version of Much Ado About Nothing to spur much writing and speaking among my students. And now, as an entrepreneur, I can use him yet again. He really did offer something for everybody.