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Make one million dollars online, today, right now.

By Sandra Lee Schubert | June 15, 2009

Telling our stories

Telling our stories

Browsing the Twitter stream I clicked on an article someone was reading about social media charlatans in the online edition of PC World.  Let me admit this up front- I have listed myself as a social media coach on my new business card. Despite the title of this post I promise nothing in terms of money, success, media coverage in my coaching. What made me decide to create this as part of my profile? It was relatively easy. My friends kept asking me for advice. I can sit with you, outline your needs and suggest some possible sites for you. My skill is not so much that I am an expert on things, but, I am a decent facilitator of information.

The ability to point people in the right direction is a skill not to be overlooked. I would never suggest anyone could make lots of money online. Because I have not made a lot of money. There are people who seem to do quite well- I would point you towards them. Do your own research.

What I do online is make friends and talk to people. Occassionally I promote things; my show, an affiliate link or two, a product. Sometimes I post my blogs. I like being here.

I have noticed some new things about Twitter-my private messages are full of people telling me how they can help me get a lot of followers on Twitter and increase my income. Really? If you asked me right now I could not tell you have many followers I have. I could not tell you if my all followers have value or not. I automate part of my Twitter stream and then I follow people who I find interesting as I find them.

The experts may tell me I am doing it all wrong. The online and real world is full of people trying to make a living. Some of us have good intentions, others are out to make a quick buck. As always, we may be victims or victors of some one’s advice. We take our chances. I take mine.

If you are trying to figure all this stuff out then I suggest to do it slowly. Pick something to test out. Sign up for Twitter and just observe what people are saying. Jump in to the conversation when it feels right. Read blogs. Follow people if you like what they have to say. This is just common sense advice- you can find it anywhere for free.

I am no expert but I do have some people you should meet.

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  • It’s not really about more numbers, it’s about more relationships. Being a good facilitator of information is a good thing, especially when it comes to helping people understand and navigate the social media landscape.

    It’s exciting to “be the media” but it’s also a little intimidating. Maybe the media became “the media” because they chose to rise up and speak – all of us could have but many of us have other things we wanted to do and it was easier to have others tell us what was going on in our world – especially if the news was out of the area.

    I think the current state of our economy and the growing strength of the Internet are more closely related than we realize and once the conversion to the New Media and it’s evolution is further along our economy should rebound.

    Perry Marshall said, “on some levels, the Internet doesn’t even know the recession exists.” That is profound.