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By Sandra Lee Schubert | November 16, 2008

I have been thinking about keywords lately.  Keywords need to be those that most people would think of when searching the Internet for a site of interest. If you doing anything online you would be placing the keywords instead anything you write such as this blog.

Keywords are the things I forget about each and every time I write. Certainly I add them to this site when I post a blog but I don’t do the traditional thing like see what are the best keywords to get a person to find me and this blogsite.

Despite knowing their value for getting traffic they still seem artificial to me. So like the person who refuses email I just write and let the traffic come.After all if I build it they will… Right?

The tension in creativity is between the creation and the business. If you have a trust fund, a wealthy spouse, sponsor, parent or winning lottery ticket then you might not care if your creative pursuits bring you an income.

But if you are like me then you think is this time spent going to me forward? Will a publisher find me, sign me up for a mega-multi book deal worth millions of dollars?  Is this work good enough as it is? Or will a keyword or two make my prose sing?

Keywords. I have to mull them over. In the meantime let me leave you with these to chew on or to discover their rank: love, laughter, fun, family, dogs, cats, cute soft wiggly puppies and kittens, chocolate, good health, lots of money, fame, happiness, spirituality….

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