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Give the gift of books to a writer or friend

By Sandra Lee Schubert | December 4, 2008

Talking to a fellow writer we both laughed about the number of books we both had.  My large broken bookcase still leans against my computer.

I can tell you right now that is the one area writers won’t scrimp on. We love our books. If you would like to make your favorite happy consider these Books for writers.

Right now people are staying home. Consider books that families can read together.  How about a book on history, geography or science. You can develop a love for books again and learn something while you do.

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  • Sandy, I just returned from France where I spent a month with my daughter, Nance and her husband Joe. One of the great things they/we did/do is read aloud to each other. The two books we read this time were: The Abandoned by Paul Galico and the other was, The Eayre Affair. I am a bit out of it at the moment – very tired but will check on spelling and authors if you are interested. Joe traditionally reads, Dickens’ Christmas Carol – totally by himself on Christmas Eve for anyone who wants to listen. We also watched BBC’s Pride and Predjudice – all episodes – Nance claims it holds very closely to the book. So, I feel very rich/enriched by these wonderful stories and look forward to my next writing adventure. Thanks for sending this to me. Best wishes to all – Carolyn